$KOTYA Token

Empowering investors to drive positive change through impact investing with Koryntia's revolutionary token ($KOTYA).
$KOTYA Token
$KOTYA is the world's first token designed to support sustainable economic growth through the blue economy. As the native token of the Koryntia protocol, $KOTYA is used to incentivize and reward liquidity providers who supply and run a pool.
This ERC20 compliant token serves multiple functions, including acting as a guarantee, reward, and governance token for the protocol and its users. When a liquidity provider supplies funds to the Koryntia protocol, they are rewarded with $KOTYA tokens in equivalence to the supplied assets, with a 1:1 peg to the supplied assets.
Depending on the contract, lenders earn accrued interest in $KOTYA while borrowers pay interest as predetermined in the smart contract. The price of $KOTYA varies based on market demand and supply of funds, as well as the inflation index of the Ethereum network.
By using $KOTYA to promote liquidity provision and governance, Koryntia is driving the adoption of sustainable finance and promoting positive change in the global economy.


Welcome to Koryntia! If you're interested in learning more about our native token KOTYA, we invite you to explore our comprehensive tokenomics document. This document provides in-depth information on how the KOTYA token works within the Koryntia platform, including its use cases, value proposition, and token distribution model. To access the document, simply click on the link below and discover the exciting world of Koryntia and the potential opportunities that come with investing in KOTYA.